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In 1980 we replaced Mersea Rival for an Ohlsan 38 named Moonshadow. That gave us a vessel with more accommodation that we needed.

In 1981 Thelma Collins took over from Bill Brunt as our treasurer. She has served the scheme ever Prospect of Whitby in 2001 - having been sold by Scouts Offshore and returned to its original name since. Then when Chris Chapman took over the Treasurer’s roll she became our bookkeeper – at the time we became computerised, and has filled this roll ever since.

1982 was a sad year for me – owing to the death of Audrey. This meant that we no longer had a Secretary and, from then on, I combined this roll with my roll as Principal.

In 1989 Moonshadow was replaced by Salex {ex Prospect of Whitby}. She was another Class 1 Ocean Racing Vessel.

Chapter 4: Moonshadow & Salex